Lori Watson
Borders Fiddle player and Singer with her solo project and Boreas, Lori Watson and Rule Of Three, Iain Morrison, Black Market Tune, Margaret Bennett and Border Fiddles

Innes Watson
Fiddle player and Guitarist in with his solo project and in Treacherous Orchestra, Maeve MacKinnon Band, Mike Vass & Innes Watson, Lori Watson and Rule Of Three, Maverick Angels and Border Fiddles

Sandy Watson
Guitarist, Bouzouki player and Singer in his own solo project and Border Fiddles and Clarty Cloot

Carly Blain  
Fiddle and Piano player in Carly Blain & Graeme Armstrong, Monster Ceilidh Band and Border Fiddles

Rachel Cross
Fiddle and Whistle player in Border Fiddles and Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

Kris Drever
Singer, Guitarist, multi-Instrumentalist. Guest on Pleasure’s Coin album. Performs solo and with Lau

Britt Pernille Frøholm
Hardanger fiddle player in Boreas, her own solo project, Maar, Lucky Loop, and Face the Bear

Donald Hay
Percussionist in Lori Watson and Rule Of Three, MacMaster/Hay, Mystery Juice, La Boum!, Bachue, The Unusual Suspects and many more...

Allan Hyslop
Fiddle player, Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist from original Border Fiddles line-up

Duncan Lyall  
Bassist (and Producer) on Pleasure’s Coin album, Treacherous Orchestra, Box Club, Emily Smith Band and many more...

Shona Mooney
Fiddle player in Border Fiddles, The Shee and the Shona Mooney Band

Rachel Newton
Harpist, singer and fiddle/viola player in Boreas, her own solo project and The Shee

John Nicol
Actor & Singer. Co-writer and performer of James Hogg: A Life In Music

Aidan O’Rourke
Fiddle player and Composer. Guest on Pleasure’s Coin album. Performs solo and with Lau

Karine Polwart
Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist. Guest on Pleasure’s Coin album. Performs with Karine Polwart Band, The Burns Unit and Grace, Hewatt & Polwart

Barry Reid
Guitarist on Lori Watson :Three, Treacherous Orchestra and Halcyon

John Somerville
Accordionist in Lori Watson and Rule Of Three, Box Club, Treacherous Orchestra, Maverick Angels and Babelfish

Irene Tillung
Accordion player in Boreas, Tindra, and Maar

Fiona Young
Accordionist for Lori Watson :Three and original Lori Watson and Rule Of Three line-up


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